A Paper Theory of Life


ife’s like a piece of paper.

Where you’re born and who you’re born to determine the quality of the paper. Your education gives it shape – it draws margins and lines, it might punch holes down one side. But at some point you take control and it's your choice what you do with it.

You can write your story neatly between the lines, scrunch it up, use it to create something entirely different – a paper airplane, perhaps – or start completely anew and re-define what’s possible, like Steve Jobs did when he gave us the iPad.

It’s not what you start with but what you do next that counts.

The fact you can turn a scrap of paper into a doorstop, a painting, an airplane, a poem, a novel, a sculpture or use it as inspiration for the next generation of communication devices should be all the evidence we need to believe that.

May 20, 2021
One more point
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