Make the most of life.

Point by point.

A point. A point. A point. A point. A point.


An image of points.
Stand on the shoulders of giants
Everything builds on what’s been before. Embrace the best of what you like because you become what you collect.
My research
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Big ideas emerge by synthesis
Join the dots. Innovation often starts by connecting diverse fields and deriving new principles from the combination.
My writing
Compounding points.
Connections create inflections
When you do small, simple things consistently, the results begin to look like magic.
An arrow.
"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

The 8th wonder

Confounding compounding
Exhibit A: If you fold a piece of paper 23 times, you will have built the tallest building in the world, 839 metres high.  
Progress that gets better with time
It doesn’t matter that your piece of paper is 0.1 millimetres thick to begin with. Compounding doesn't care what you start with, it feeds off your rate of improvement and your consistency, and the best thing is, it accelerates over time. In your first 13 folds, your paper won't even make one metre. But if you keep going, the next 10 folds add 838 metres. You don't need brains. Only patience.
One point more. Again and again.
Too many people give up before compounding has a chance to work its magic. Be consistent about improvement and persevere because if you stay in the game longest, you will end up victorious.

That's what this is all about. Make the most of life by doing small, simple things consistently over a long time. One point more. Again and again.
A compounding chart.
One more point
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